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Why is my bank balance different from the balance in SOLE?

Timing differences between the user's bank balance and the SOLE balance
Written by Johann Oberholzer
Updated 1 year ago


Understanding why there is a difference between your bank account balance and the bank account balance in SOLE.

About the two different balances

Your banks's balance is the up to date account balance (as per your bank's current statement).

The balance in SOLE is the bank balance that is displayed in SOLE (based on your last refresh).

How do I fix the difference?

When you refresh your bank feed, the latest transactions (if cleared by your bank) will be imported into SOLE and there should no longer be a difference.

If your issue is persisting, please contact us through:

  • The 'get in touch' button on the right bottom side of your screen
  • Email us directly at support@soleapp.com.au

Note: SOLE automatically refreshes your bank feed three times a week

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