How to send an invoice

What happens when an invoice is sent
Written by Johann Oberholzer
Updated 2 years ago

How to video:

Step by step walkthrough:

For you

  • Once you hit send, the invoice will be included in the invoices stored in Sole (you can see these in the Dashboard in the "Business" tab at the bottom of the screen)
  • When your customer pays their invoice, you will be able to 'match' this income directly in the bank feed (which is located on the Dashboard)

For your customer

Your customer will receive an email with an attachment of the invoice you've sent them.
The email will include:

  • The ability for your client to pay the invoice (will be processed through his/her bank)
  • The amount, due date and what the sale/services are for 

Sole helps you track invoice due dates and will alert you when it is time to follow up!

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